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New Florida laws impacting community associations

31 May New Florida laws impacting community associations

Senate Bill 220 –

Bankruptcy Matters in Foreclosure ProceedingsAuthorizing lienholders to use certain documents as an admission in an action to foreclose a mortgage; providing that submission of certain documents in a foreclosure action creates a rebuttable presumption that the defendant has waived any defenses to the foreclosure; requiring a court to take judicial notice of orders entered in bankruptcy cases under certain circumstances, etc.
Effective Date: October 1, 2018
Click to review: Bill Summary SB220Bill Text 220

House Bill 617 –

Covenants and RestrictionsAuthorizes certain parcel owners of a community not subject to HOA to use specified procedures to revive certain covenants or restrictions; revises interests & rights protected by filing for record within specified timeframe; revises & provides provisions relating to covenants and restrictions, including extinguishment, validity of notice, length of time certain covenants and restrictions are preserved, filing of notices, notice content requirements, requirements of property associations, & validity & enforceability.
Effective Date: October 1, 2018 – Click to review: Bill Summary HB617,  Bill Text 617

House Bill 841 –

Community AssociationsRevising condominium association recordkeeping and financial reporting requirements; revising provisions relating to required association bylaws; revising board term limits; revising voting requirements relating to alterations and additions to certain common elements or association property; providing that an association may not prohibit a unit owner from installing an electronic vehicle charging station; providing when the installation of an electronic vehicle charging station may be the basis of a lien; revising requirements to serve as a board member; requiring an association to follow certain procedures when amending a governing document, etc.
Effective Date: July 1, 2018 – Click to review: Bill Summary HB841,  Bill Text 841