Practice Areas - Coastal Association Law Group
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Practice Areas

Community Association Law

Community associations are multi-faceted corporations responsible for critical community functions such as budgeting and finances, covenant enforcement, and insurance and maintenance of common property and improvements. A community association is obligated to perform its duties in the interest of its membership in accordance with the governing documents of the community association as well as applicable statutory and administrative law. To this end, it is critical that a community association be proactive rather than reactive in identifying issues of importance to the community and its members. Coastal Association Law Group’s attorneys can assist in identifying critical issues which may affect the community association, and work to develop a comprehensive solution to those issues.

Coastal Association Law Group’s attorneys routinely provide advice and services to our community associations such as:

  • Compliance with applicable statutory law and administrative regulations
  • Corporate governance and operation
  • Collection of assessments and fines
  • Foreclosure of claims of lien
  • Covenant violations
  • Document drafting, amendment and revision
  • Extension or reinstatement of covenants, conditions and restrictions due to implications of the Marketable Record Title Act (MRTA)

  • Association management and service contracts
  • Association mergers
  • Termination of the condominium form of ownership
  • Statutory pre-suit mediation for homeowners associations
  • Election disputes and recall arbitration
  • Mediation and arbitration before the Division of Florida Land Sales, Condominiums and Mobile Homes

Construction, Business and Employment Law and Litigation

  • Construction claims and disputes
  • Contract review and negotiation
  • Business law
  • Employment law
  • Civil litigation

Insurance Claims and Disaster Preparedness

  • Insurance claims and disputes
  • Hurricane and disaster planning

Suzanne Blankenship is available to attend board meetings and membership meetings in person or via the use of telephone conferencing or web-conferencing.

The firm utilizes “COASTAL CONNECT“, a proprietary system for connecting clients with important information about their files.